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Kelso, WA’s Go-To Transmission Shop

Thomas Transmission has been providing transmission rebuilds, diagnotics, and maintenance to Kelso, WA and surrounding areas since 1960.

On-Site Experts & Services

When you hire us, rest assured that your car is in best hands.

Repair & Maintenance

We take pride in our repair and maintenance service standards.

In & Out In Record Time

Whether it’s regularly scheduled transmission service or a complete rebuild, we will get the job done for you in a timely and professional matter.


Automotive Services

Remove and Replace Only

We remove the existing transmission in the vehicle and replace it with a new one.

Transmission carry-in rebuilds:

Remove the transmission from your vehicle and bring it in, or provide a usable core.

Transmission complete overhaul:

We remove the transmission entirely and rebuild with upgrades as required or requested.

Happy Customers

Diane Wiscarson
Diane Wiscarson
They are honest and great!
Cindy Springer
Cindy Springer
Been in busimess a long time Reliable,honest..
Robert Turnbull
Robert Turnbull
They take pride in customer service.
Mike Rehak
Mike Rehak
Never meet better people or more honest if you searched the whole state. Transmission done their is bullet proof.
Long Huynh
Long Huynh
Great service!
Rosi Thomas
Rosi Thomas
This is the best automotive shop in the WORLD!!! Love these guys!!💗💗💗💗💗🚙🚘🚗🛵
michael aumack
michael aumack
I bought a used truck, and 2 days after I got it the transmission went out. Thomas transmission hooked me up with a rebuild and now it shifts smoth like butter. I'm so happy. Thank you Thomas transmission.

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